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Thursday, January 15, 2009

hello, good morning everybody, hmmm, yesterday went VIVO with jimmy and her stead and fren hahas,, cos jimmy wan go meet her so i acompany him to meet her lor than at there take some picture while they lovely couple toking hahas i self take my picture hahas.. With my new SAMSUNG tounch screen phone hahas.... Than after that jimmy and mi send them home lor hahas. When er going to reach her stead house, WALAO eh !! you know wad we see this blk song ka another blk oso song ka !!!! wth so mani ppl song ka at there, i still say wa this place is nice hahas than after that saw song ka ~.~ ....... Wake up this morning eat breadfast than open my com and upload picture and play dota lo ....

hao ba i jiu rite till here bah hahas...
TAkecARE everybody...

baby imissyou
going our 7 month
ler hahas...maucks

Our love grew stronger,12:23 PM.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

hahas..... hihi every body so long never post my blog ler hahas i very busy now a days
hmmm, nothing to do so come post my blog hahas. Now i waiting for my ITE it hope i can get in
and i oso working tooo hahas.... Nothing to do at home is wth so boring lor at home... this morning wake up very early till to my fren kana beat this morning when he going to sch, he was badly hurt but the malay and indian ppl was so @@#$%# any how beat ppl de hahas... hope he can recovered soon XD.... hmmmm, i jiu rite till here bah hahas... free i will update my blog de hahas..
Takecare everybody ...... :))

baby imy hahas
hope to meet up soon
hahas iloveyou macukssssss

Our love grew stronger,8:34 PM.
Thursday, December 4, 2008

helping my baby to update him blog.
my dearest baby has gone overseas.
he will biie bak tuh post when he's bak in s'pore (:

Our love grew stronger,11:13 PM.
Sunday, November 30, 2008

hello every one today went to my cosplay hahas than went the cosplay shop to buy my cosplay thing than after that saw a hat than i wear and take picture lor hahas keep take than suddenly i found out that i take more 5 picture hahas i really very zi lian sia hahas i like gal liao hahas..... ok i nid to go slp le when free i will post again...

baby imissyou
must takecare ok

Our love grew stronger,10:43 PM.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

wah.. whose is this ???

NJK Act Cute :)

Act cute two :)

NJK was reading a book :)

hellos yesterday mit up with baby&. watched a movieeeeee @ jp.chihuahua freaking cute,but i'm terribly loves of dogs :x
took pictures ;D
dear,i miss youhs,
do remember takecare ofyourself (:
love youh,mwarks.

Our love grew stronger,3:21 PM.
Monday, November 24, 2008

Yesterday went AFA cosplay at Suntec city hahas my team at there cosplay naruto, kakashi, sasuka and mani hahas i yesterday never cosplay cos my wig haven so i didn t cosplay but never mind my eoy coming soon than we will cosplay till we siao hahas let the picture to tok to ur all bah hahas i lazy to type ler ......
baby imissyou
so much get to meet soon
ler hahas iloveyou maucks
takecare your self okiie babh

Our love grew stronger,3:52 PM.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This were some of my
porm night piture that we took
last nite but i still got so mani having get from my
fren sad :)
Yesterday go home bath and went to Jun wei hse and wait Jimmy, Brian, Side and yoon choon
than after that we okiie ler than went to take 190 bus to York hotel hahas before we going there so mani ppl looking sia hahas we all so pai seh, than is like all wearing former and Vas lor hahas .....
THan went to York hotel we saw mani our fren there, let my picture to tok to you bah hahas lazy to rite so mani thing heehee :)
After prom we went orchard slack and than went to clark quay to slack and went there to drink lor hahas,, after that jun wei, jimmy and xiao jie went home le, only left wif bao san, brian, myself andd FAme we take cab to heeren than we saw jiajia and jasline hahas than we slack tgt lor till morning than we all home sweet home hahas....
baby iloveyou hahas
hope to get to see you okiie ??
iloveyou baby mus take of ur
self ok hahas maucks..... ;)

Our love grew stronger,4:30 PM.

Love me.
friendly & sociable [:
But,I'm unavailable.

His Laughters.
He wans.
Lastlong with Baby.
9 Oct Baby birthday.
Lastlong with baby.
Get in to ITE.
New wallet.
Get more angbao.
Our love.
The happiest moments in my life are times,
that are spent with you Baby.
Baby,i know you will always be there for me wherever i need you.
Without you,i don't know what become of me.
thanks for evrything you done for me,being understanding,caring towards me.
Remember the promise we made,alright.
& on till...
Fly away.